Why A Wall Hung Electric Fireplace Could Help Save The Environment

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Toronto residents choose to purchase a wall hung electric fireplace for a whole range of different reasons. For some, the relative lack of maintenance is what sways them, while for others the ease with which this type of fireplace can be operated is the most attractive feature.

In addition to all the practical benefits that they offer and their overall cost efficiency compared to other options, a wall hung electric fireplace is also a good choice if you want to protect the condition of both the environment and your property. When promoting the benefits of “green” products, many manufacturers and vendors tend to hone in on the fact that by purchasing their product you are doing your bit to save the world, but often overlook the fact that it will also offer a safe, healthy environment for you to live in. During this article, we are going to discuss how an electric fireplace does just that.

Global and Local Benefits of Having a Wall Hung Electric Fireplace Installed

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While it can’t compare to the environmental threat posed by fossil fuel burning power plants or the millions of cars that drive up and down the world’s roads each day, the Environmental Protection Agency still lists indoor air quality as the fourth biggest environmental threat that exists today. Here’s how a wall hung electric fireplace can help you to negate that threat:

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Zero Emissions Electric Fireplaces

Zero Emissions Electric FireplacesSome types of fireplaces emit harmful fumes that need to be removed from your property, otherwise, they could potentially damage the health of anyone that lives in the property, as well as cause irreversible damage to any pieces of furniture that are located in the room. With these systems, it, therefore, becomes imperative that vents, ducts or a chimney are installed, which can sometimes require a considerable amount of structural work to be done.

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A wall hung electric fireplace, on the other hand, produces zero emissions, as they don’t function by burning fossil fuels (known for their harmful by-products) or wood. You might not realize just how significant this is until you learn a wood fire can give off the following emissions: Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Methane and Polycyclic Hydro-Carbons, all of which are potentially harmful. In addition to removing the risk of exposure to these emissions, an electric fireplace also totally removes the threat of a fire starting on your property, giving you added piece of mind.Zero Emissions Electric Fireplaces

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No Threat of Damp Conditions Developing

Water might not be something you would have ever associated with a fireplace, only, perhaps, to put out the flames in the case of an emergency. However, both wood and gas fireplaces can put your property at risk of damp conditions, which are a haven for mold growth. Gas fireplaces are known to give off large amounts of moisture as they burn and for a wood fireplace to be installed, the property has to have a chimney, which exposes your home to outdoor weather conditions. Not only does a wall hung electric fireplace not produce any moisture whatsoever, but nowadays there are models available that actually have filters built in to remove existing moisture in the room and improve the overall quality of the air.

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Energy Efficient Technology Electric Fireplaces

“Wasted energy” is a very hot topic nowadays and many homeowners are actively seeking ways in which they can improve how they use energy as this is not just better for our environment, but it can also help to cut annual energy costs by a considerable amount. To that end, a wall hung electric fireplace is a great choice and can help improve your home’s energy efficiency in a number of different ways. For starters, there’s no pilot light that eats up fuel even when you are not actually using the device. An electric fireplace also only heats the room you are in, unlike a central heating system that will heat every single room in the house regardless of where you are.

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Electric Fireplaces – Safe and Practical

When going through the process of selecting your new fireplace one of the key factors you need to consider is your own personal safety. Many other types of fireplaces expose you to a much greater level of risk than an electric fireplace. For example, with a gas fireplace there is always the chance that a leak may occur, which can have deadly consequences, and with a real flame fire, as previously mentioned, there’s always the chance that a fire could break out in your home. An electric fireplace is as safe as it can possibly get.

We all have a responsibility to ensure we help to protect the environment for future generations, but it’s also vital that you make sure your home environment is kept safe too. To discuss your requirements with a member of our Toronto-based team, call us today on 905-669-8633.