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Buying an Electric Fireplace? Here’s What You Should Know

Shopping for electric fireplaces can be quite the ordeal without the right information on which brands to buy, what kind of fireplaces are best worth your money and where you can find the absolute greatest deals. Many potential buyers are confronted by the huge amount of misinformation on the internet and are disinclined to buy anything at all. We are here to help! Below are some tips and tricks on how to pick a good quality electric fireplace and not be ripped off by a sub-par store.

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#1. Always Talk to Customer Service

Many people will decide to buy an electric fireplace as a spur of the moment decision and not give any thought to the space and technical requirements. Before buying anything talk to a customer service representative or do extensive research about the product you are buying. A good electric fireplace shop will be able to provide you with information regarding the heat output of your electric fireplace, the energy efficiency, the required space and the overall quality of the product. If you are not sure about anything, don’t be in a rush to buy. An electric fireplace is a major purchase which you should have absolute certainty about.

amantii fireplaces toronto#2. Pick a Quality Brand with Reviews

Don’t be fooled by the misinformation that is out there. You don’t want to buy an electric fireplace and have it break on you within the first year. Choose trusted quality brands of fireplaces such as: Amantii, Napoleon, Dimplex, Modern Flames and Dynasty so that you know you are not getting a cheap, poor quality product. We suggest researching extensively or talking to a professional about your product before you buy an electric fireplace for your home. For luxury electric fireplaces in Toronto, we have it all!

#3. Choose Trusted Retailers

Who hasn’t been tempted by a 50% off major appliance from a large retailer such as Wal-Mart and then has regretted the decision? Retailers that don’t specialize in electric fireplaces simply cannot offer you the best information regarding the quality of your purchase. Shops specializing in this kind of product are your best bet when buying a major appliance of any kind, electric fireplaces included. Staff of shops specializing in fireplaces are more knowledgeable about the products they have in store and will be able to direct you to better deals and overall better quality. Similarly, if you want a custom order, always go through a company which you trust to deliver exactly what you want.

#4. Installation is No Easy Task

fireplaces toronto storeLastly, we always recommend hiring a team or company that is knowledgeable about the installation of electric fireplaces to install your new purchase, unless you are absolutely positive that you are capable of doing it yourself. While buying an electric fireplace is the easy task, leave the installation to people who will ensure it is done correctly, to avoid future problems.

Hopefully, after reading you are a bit more prepared to buy an electric fireplace for your home. Our store can offer all of these quality services to you. With more than 30 years of experience with electric fireplaces, our team is more than capable of anything thrown at us. Should you have any inquiries regarding our product lineup or the cost of installation, please contact us today.

For product reviews – Amantii & Sierra Flame visit company website.

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