Difference Between Electric Fireplaces

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Built-in  Vs Wall Hung  Vs Plug In Electric Fireplaces

If you have decided that you would like to have an Electric fireplace installed at your home to keep you warm during the cold Toronto winters, it’s important that you not only choose a model that meets your specific heating needs but one that also makes efficient use of the space you have available.

In some cases, you will have the freedom to choose between the various types available while in other cases the type you choose will largely be dictated by the layout of the room where the fireplace will be installed. There are three main types of the electric fireplace that you will need to consider, these are: Built in electric fireplaces, wall hung electric fireplaces and plug in electric fireplaces. During this article, we are going to outline the main features of each in addition to pointing out some of their main pros and cons.

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Should You Install a Built-In Electric Fireplace?

While it’s imperative to give any decision a great deal of thought if you are considering having a built-in electric fireplace installed you have to be certain it is the right option since once they are fitted they become permanent features of the room and cannot be removed or relocated without incurring considerable cost. They are typically installed directly onto the wall or sometimes onto an existing fireplace area and can often be linked up to main electrical grid. There are several benefits to selecting this option, with the main one being that they tend to integrate better into the room’s overall design and can be used to create an aesthetically appealing centrepiece for the room.

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They are also typically more space efficient than plug-in units and retain their value much better than other types of electric fireplaces. However, if you are going to install a built-in electric fireplace it’s essential that you have enough space available. Installing one in a cramped corner of the room could make the room feel small for years to come and detract from its appearance. You also need to consider that the cost of having a built in unit installed usually exceeds that of a wall mounted electric fireplace or a plugin model.

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What About a Wall Hung Electric Fireplace?

You might also see this type of fireplace referred to as a wall mounted electric fireplace and there are two different types available: surface mounted models and recessed models. Recessed models are sunk into the wall and have more of a “built-in” look and feel to them while surface mounted models are bolted to the wall and actually hang from the wall. Both types of wall hung electric fireplace are great options if the amount of floor space you have is limited but you are desperate to have a fireplace installed in the room. They are very popular in homes that have modern or contemporary themes running throughout and are generally suitable for homes of any size.

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Last But Not Least — Plug-In Electric Fireplaces

If both of the above options sound a little too permanentfor your liking then plug in electric fireplaces are an option you should give serious consideration to. They don’t require professional installation like a built in electric fireplace or a wall mounted electric fireplace would, so the upfront cost is often significantly lower. It’s as simple as bringing one home, positioning it in the preferred location in the room and plugging it in. This is ideal if you like to change the layout of your room on a regular basis, this flexibility allows you to change the fireplace’s position with ease. You could even move it to a completely different room of your home if you wanted to.

Tips to Choose the Right type of Fireplace for Your Property

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Before making your final decision and making a commitment to purchase a built in electric fireplace or one of the other options, take some time to think through the following points.

  • The size of the room. How much floor space do you have available?
  • The shape of the room. Is the room irregular shaped or does it have clean straight edges?
  • Style of the room. Is the room furnished with modern style furniture or is it finished in a more traditional style?
  • The role of the fireplace. Would you like the fireplace to be the focal point of the room or will it simply be used to supplement your home’s main heating system?
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Amantii offers a wide selection of high-quality electric fireplaces to homeowners in the Toronto region, including built-in electric fireplace models and wall mounted style electric fireplaces and our experienced professionals can help you identify the most appropriate type for your property and personal requirements. Contact us today for further information.