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Electric Fireplaces for The Indoor and Outdoor Person

If you are considering buying a fireplace to accentuate your home, you should be aware of the benefits that buying an electric fireplace can bring. In addition to electric fireplaces being markedly cheaper to buy and maintain than wood, ethanol or gas burning ones, they are also lower maintenance, easier to install and overall better for the home and environment than any others.

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An indoor electric fireplace will give you all the light, warmth and atmospheric effect that a wood or gas burning one would provide, but with less trips to the store to refill the gas canister or to purchase more wood for burning indoors. There is no exhaust vent or chimney required and you won’t have to clean anything on a regular basis. An indoor electric fireplace can be put anywhere you desire, no mantle or hole in the wall required, as custom television stands and furniture can be outfitted to hold it.

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Imagine sitting in front of a warm glowing fire which can be turned on and off simply by pressing a button. When it gets too warm, you are able to turn down the intensity of the heating. When you get tired of the colour of the fire, you can change it at the push of a button. An indoor electric fireplace can offer much to your home and family; from creating a mood of peace to providing warmth in a cold room.

Have you ever wanted to be able to sit outside in front of a fire in the cold seasons, but not go back inside smelling like kindling? In addition to indoor electric fireplaces, outdoor electric fireplaces can add a surprising amount of warmth and atmosphere to your deck or backyard. While many opt to buy a fire pit or an open gas pit, those are not built to last and generally have to be replaced due to weathering every few years. Electric fireplaces for the outdoors are made to withstand the elements.

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An outdoor electric fireplace can be bought with a mantle or placed within an already existing one, or can be simply placed in a house wall. If your intention is not to roast marshmallows with your children, but simply to have a warm place to sit and enjoy the outdoors, consider an outdoor electric fireplace that will last longer, is easier to use and will not smell like kindling or gas every time you light it. Cozy up next to your outdoor fireplace and enjoy the outdoors all year round.

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There are many options for buying outdoor electric fireplaces but we suggest purchasing one specifically designed to be placed outdoors, so that you are sure it can withstand all weather and not cause a hazard. Most outdoor electric fireplaces are outfitted with a durable chassis so that you are getting a product which will give you the desired effect outdoors. They are also available in a latitude of size and shape options to give your flexibility in your selection. We suggest starting your research with foreknowledge of the place you want your fireplace to sit, as well as the required size and shape.

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