Outdoor Electric Fireplaces – All you need to know


Outdoor fireplaces in Canada are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. An outdoor fireplace is an excellent feature to enhance your outdoor experience. A patio fireplace can create a focal point and can come in handy on chilly evenings. But the leading question many people have is whether they can have an electric fireplace outdoors.

The good news is that outdoor electric fireplaces have never been safer. By carefully following the instructions that come along with outdoor fireplace kits, you can enjoy your fireplace in a safe way.

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The first thing you need to ensure when it comes to selecting your fireplace is that it is outdoor rated. These are special models that can be used indoors and outdoors. Both types of fireplaces run on electricity, and in addition to providing a homey feel, they can also emit heat.

With such a wide variety of outdoor patio fireplace options to choose from, you can make your selection based on your colour and style preferences. Many of the modern models offer multiple flame colour options.

Included in outdoor fireplace kits is a heater which is optional. You can either enjoy just the flames without heat – particularly for those who live in warmer climates, or you can opt to turn on the heat on cool evenings.


The installation process for an outdoor electric fireplace involves inserting the fireplace into a wall and setting up the necessary wiring. Some models have an external component that covers the fireplace and protects it from the elements when the fireplace is not in use.

With so many different models on the market, it’s important to read the manual that comes in your outdoor fireplace kit. Some fireplaces require that a dedicated circuit be set up, while others may not specify the need for one. Nonetheless, we recommend that you use a dedicated circuit regardless of whether your fireplace is plugged in or hard-wired.

Where Best to Place an Outdoor Electric Fireplace?


Locating the right place in your outdoor area to install a patio fireplace is key. The best thing to do is to find a spot that is not prone to moisture or dust. You also want to choose a location that is not busy. By that we mean an area that doesn’t have a whole lot of traffic, movement, or any furnishing that can accidentally catch fire, like drapes.

You also want to make sure that the area you choose for your fireplace is a sheltered area. Even though many patio fireplace units are designed to withstand inclement weather conditions, you still want to make sure that you are protecting the electrical power source and the chords. So we recommend that your outdoor fireplace is inserted in an area away from direct sunlight and overhead lighting.


Outdoor electric fireplaces need to either be set up adjacent to a power source or an extension cord will need to be used to safely provide power to your outdoor fireplace.

When choosing an ideal location for your outdoor fireplace, keep this in mind that there is an electrical component to your fireplace, so exercise common sense caution and read all the warnings in the manual.

What Are the Basic Types of Electric Fireplaces?


Knowing the types of electric fireplaces you can choose from and the features each has can help you make the best selection for you and your family.

  • Wall-mount fireplaces – like the name suggests, these models can be mounted to walls for a modern look. The equipment needed to mount the fireplace is included in the electric outdoor fireplace kit and the installment process is quite easy. Another reason these types of fireplaces are a favourite with many homeowners is because they are ideal for rooms with limited space.
  • Corner or wall fireplaces – these are the most popular type of outdoor electric fireplace and look like traditional fireplaces. They offer easy installation and once assembled, can be positioned against a wall or in a corner. They are perfect for an outdoor space and come in various styles like outdoor stone fireplaces. Many styles also include collapsible panels or mantels.
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When outdoor space is limited, many homeowners wonder where they can still enjoy the benefits of having a patio fireplace. The answer is yes. A major decision you will need to make when planning for a small outdoor fireplace is determining whether you want it to be a permanent fixture in your patio or deck, or if you want it to be a mobile fireplace .A portable fireplace offers great flexibility and can be stored indoors during winter months.

So if you think an outdoor fireplace would be a great addition to your outdoor space, the possibilities are endless!