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Tips To Follow When Looking For A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

living room with a wall mounted fireplace

In households, right across Canada, modern and contemporary interior styles are hugely popular and nothing complements those styles better than a wall mounted electric fireplace. In the past every household had to have a wood burning fireplace — it was almost the law — then there were portable floor heaters and electric radiators, but wall mounted electric fireplaces are now dominating this arena and grace the walls in a countless number of living rooms and dining rooms right around the country.

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How A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Could Benefit Your Home

electric fireplaces

Having a wall hung electric fireplace fitted isn’t as straightforward as working out where you have the most available floor space in the room, pointing and saying “install it there.”  You now have another option; the wall mounted electric fireplace. That’s right, rather than having your new electric fireplace installed at ground level, you could have it raised off the ground and installed directly onto or into — depending on whether you choose a recessed or hung installation — the wall. But why would you choose this type of installation over one done at ground level? What advantages does it offer? That’s what we are about to discuss in this article.

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